MiGone - The Science

MiGone Migraine Relief has been formulated using the latest research establishing the amazing & positive benefits of BHB Ketones (exogenous ketones) in the relief of migraines. This has proven to be a very exciting finding and has the potential to bring immediate and long-lasting relief to migraine sufferers the world over.

It is believed that 15 -20% of women and 8-12% of men suffer from Migraines. These can range from severe headaches to debilitating episodes lasting days, peaking during reproductive age and causing a huge amount of suffering.

The common treatment is centred around pain relief and anti-migraine medication that leaves patients drowsy and unable to continue with everyday life, often with a ‘hangover’ which can last a few hours up to a few days.

The use of the ketogenic diet has shown to be beneficial in the reduction of migraines but it can be very difficult to control and maintain the requirement of a very strict eating protocol. Exogenous Ketones, or BHB salts, have recently been discovered and allow migraine sufferers to achieve relief in just minutes or, through daily use, reduce migraine frequencies altogether.

The science and technology has only become available recently but now, for the first time ever, offers migraine sufferers a natural, medication-free option to gain relief and daily protection from migraines.

It is with these advancements in science and supplementation that we were able to develop MiGone - a Ketone supplement that mimics ketosis and allows anyone to feel the relief and benefits of ketones that previously took days or up to a week and strict dietary control and ongoing dietary restriction to achieve. We recommend everyone reduce their carb and sugar intake to support the benefits of MiGone, but it is not necessary to be on a Ketogenic diet to achieve results.

In the development and testing of MiGone, 10 volunteers used BHB Ketones supplied by Keto Nutrition. The results were, and are, amazing - an upward of 70% improvement of on Migraine days. Many of the participants did not suffer 1 Migraine for weeks on end, where previously they would suffer 2 or more per week!

Each participant kept individual migraine diaries that were shared and testimonials have been supplied. This was not a formal trial or study and does not intend to claim any medical or clinical information, and was used for product review effect only. Participants were not paid, they were supplied with MiGone at no cost. The early starts have now been using MiGone for one year as of January 2021.


What Are Ketones? 

Ketones are the energy molecule produced in the body when we convert fat into energy. This is achieved when glucose (Carbs) is reduced low enough over a period of time or fasting to burn fat for energy. These ketones then supply primarily the brain and heart with an energy similar to glucose. Ketones are the preferred energy for the brain and provide stable energy. This is a link between consistent stable ketones to the brain and a reduction of migraines.


What Are Exogenous Ketones?

Exogenous ketones are ketones that are made outside the body and then consumed and act in the same way as the ones made inside the body. The benefit is that you can achieve blood ketone levels the same as nutritional ketosis in a matter of minutes. This offers migraine sufferers fast effect relief by providing ketone energy to the brain.


Potential Causes Of Migraines: 

  • Abnormal glucose metabolism and transport
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Oxidative stress
  • Cerebral excitability
  • Inflammation
  • Abnormalities in the gut microbiome

Now, you can target multiple contributors at once, without a list of negative side effects. Regardless of what is contributing to your migraine from the underpinnings mentioned above, ketone bodies may offer a promising solution or at least relief.