Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping FAQ's

Is there a minimum order quantity?
We have no minimum order quality, with free shipping for orders of $120 or more.

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver nationwide using Courier and Aus Post services.

How long does delivery take?
Delivery times vary based on location. We ship from our Melbourne warehouse daily offering standard (3-7 days) or express shipping options (1-3 days).

Can I collect my order from you?
Unfortunately, we use third-party shipping agents and can't cater for click and collect. However, our express shipping leaves daily with next day delivery in Melbourne.

Do you have a store I can physically purchase from?
Yes, please view our store locator map to find a retail outlet near you.

How much is delivery/shipping of an order?
We have three flat rate shipping options:
  • Standard (3-7 days): $6
  • Express (1-3 days): $10
  • Orders above $120 are free

ReVitalise Electrolytes FAQ's

What Are Electrolytes?
Electrolytes are essential minerals that are needed for hydration.

What happens when your body is low on electrolytes?
You can become dehydrated and start to feel sluggish. We can only survive a few days without hydration, so it's important to keep hydrated.

What are symptoms of dehydration?
Brain fog, lethargy, constipation, poor athletic performance, poor mental performance, poor focus. It goes on and on. Make hydration a priority in your life.

Is ReVitalise vegan/gluten free/paleo/keto?
Yes. ReVitalise is great for every lifestyle.

Can Diabetics use ReVitalise?
Yes. ReVitalise is sugar-free and a great option for diabetics.

Who can consume ReVitalise?
Athletes, travellers, kids and active teens, fussy eaters, lactating moms, diabetics, and busy people on the go; practically anyone can consume ReVitalise.

Where is ReVitalise manufactured?
ReVitalise is made in Brisbane, Australia and shipped from our Melbourne warehouse.

What is the shelf life of ReVitalise?
When ReVitalised is sealed and stored correctly the shelf life is two years. Please close the lid correctly and store it in the cupboard or away from direct sun to preserve the colour and flavour of the product.

Can I consume more than 1 serving of ReVitalise per day?
Yes, we only recommend one serving per day on the tub to ensure the ingredients remain sub-therapeutic. As we have no control or insights into the individual's additional supplements and or pharmaceutical use, there may be conflicts with increased amounts of individual electrolytes within ReVitalise (Sodium, Potassium etc) when used in conjunction with some medicines or other supplements. Typically, you would find this information on the medicine you are using or please ask your doctor if you have any concerns or are taking medicine.

What sweetener is used in ReVitalise?
ReVitalise is sweetened with Natural Stevia.

MiGone Migraine Relief FAQ's

Does MiGone contain any stimulants?
MiGone is 100% stimulant free.

What are ketones?
Ketones are the energy molecules produced in the body when we convert fat into energy. This is normally only achieved on a strict low carb, low sugar diet but now through the advancement of science you can get ketones through a powder mixed with water.

What are exogenous ketones?
Exogenous ketones are ketones that are made outside the body and then consumed, and act in the same way as the ones made inside the body. The benefit is that you can achieve blood ketone levels the same as nutritional ketosis in a matter of minutes. This offers migraine sufferers fast effect relief by providing ketone energy to the brain.

Do I need to be on a keto diet to use MiGone?
No, the benefits of exogenous ketones (MiGone) have been shown effective without dietary changes. We do recommend reducing sugar and carbs as this may further assist in decreasing migraines.

How many times per day do I need to use MiGone?
Typically, people will use MiGone once per day around the time they would develop a migraine. In some cases, people choose to use it twice a day (morning and afternoon).

How long can I use MiGone for?
The benefits of Ketones as established by ketogenic diets is ongoing and lifelong. There is no need to increase serving size as your body doesn’t get used to ketones. Reducing carb and sugar intake as part of your daily diet is encouraged to support Keto MiGone supplementation with dietary ketone production.