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We make products for athletes and people who want to eat and perform better.  Our products use the least possible number of ingredients and are as close to whole foods as possible, while always ensuring they taste great.

All products are made to the WADA regulations and contain no banned or regulated substances. Most of our products are stimulant free,  with the exception of Coffee flavored Nut butter gel and Kick-Start Pre-workout, because we will all need a kick in the pants at some point!  

All products are produced in a ISO and FDA approved facility and formulated specifically for and by Keto Nutrition (Pty) Ltd


Keto Protein Bars contains 0 Polyols (sugar alcohols) so suitable for all.  We use a blend of Whey and Collagen and Pea protein to give a complete range of amino acids and support to muscle and connective tissue. Each bars contains 20g protein 9g fat and 1g net carbs


Keto hydration powders are made to support athlete’s requirements at a Marco and micro nutrient level. The overwhelming feedback is that people who have struggled with cramps and muscle fatigue in training and racing have had excellent results when switching to Keto HydroPlus or EnduroPlus

What's in the tub.  Both HydroPlus and EnduroPlus contain:

- BCAA’s (2.5g) : The advantage of having BCAA’s is that if you do push hard for longer than thought in high HR zones and glucose is depleted amino acids can be converted to glucose in the liver (gluconeogenesis) as well as critical for the repair of muscle tissue.

- Glutamine (3g) : An essential amino acid needed by your body in large amounts, promotes digestive and brain health, muscle growth, athletic performance, and normalise blood sugar

- Electrolytes: A critical component of muscle contraction is the availability of key electrolytes. This allows your body to deal with heat stress and endure hours of contraction, the ratio and value of electrolytes have proven beneficial to athletes who are prone to cramping. 


15g Maltodextrin have been added to support very high intensity efforts or very long duration. With enough carbs to convert to support the glycogen system and replenish glucose when required, but not enough to effect blood glucose levels and reduce ketone production or cause GI distress

Keto HydroPlus and EnduroPlus is the complete supplement for any athlete pushing their body beyond the norm and those who want the next level of performance.


Exogenous ketones are without doubt the biggest innovation to legitimate sports nutrition since creatine.  The ability to get into a state of nutritional ketosis with high available ketones is a huge advantage to athletes, even those who are well adapted to Keto.

Keto Exo is specifically formulated for athletes. Including BHB, BCAA’s, Glutamine and electrolytes that are found in HydroPlus.


Our Keto Nut butter gels are specifically formulated to provide fast fats in a user friendly sachet that tastes amazing.

A blend of nuts, Coconut oil and MCT oil make it the only LC/Keto friendly gels sachet on the market for athletes. Added to coffee of used as a quick on the go snack are other ways to use the nut butter gels.

We believe our range supports all athletes from the uber elite to the athletic newbie to achieve all your fitness and sporting goals, while feeling great.

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