Why Is Keto Good for Diabetics

Why Is Keto Good for Diabetics

Blood glucose control is at the very center of Diabetes management.  Eating in a keto way by reducing carbs and sugars, means you maintain stable blood glucose throughout the day and during your meals.

Eating a ‘standard’ diet of high carbohydrates and simple sugars rockets up your blood levels. As a diabetic, your body's insulin response is either not efficient or effective enough to return blood glucose to normal quickly enough, which is very dangerous to you and your internal organs.

Take control of blood glucose through the food that you eat first. If you don’t eat glucose (carbs and sugar) your body can’t spike blood glucose and therefore you don’t need to produce or use insulin to normalise blood glucose levels. This means no hypo/hyper peaks and troughs making you feel ill and out of control.

The above may be an oversimplified version of events, but it highlights the true control and or reversal of Type 2 diabetes sits with the type of food you eat.


Read more here… https://ketonutrition.com.au/blogs/articles/the-keto-diet-explained-for-type-2-diabetes

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