What are Exogenous Ketones

What are Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous means, made outside or external, so its a scientific way of saying ketones that were made, not produced by the body, these are called endogenous ketones. The great thing is that our bodies accept and use Exogeonus ketone just the same as Endogenous,  and we can use them to help us get into and stay in ketosis fast.

Unfortunately, Exogenous ketones aren’t a magic ‘bullet” allowing people to eat a carb-heavy diet, and expect magic to happen.  There are people who associate using exogenous ketones with, ‘I'm going to burn fat,' without making any changes to their daily eating. You need to make the nutritional shift to reduce carbs and sugar, then the magic happens! Ketone supplements should be viewed as supplements to the keto diet.

You can take Keto Fast-track anytime, but it's best to avoid taking it with meals since that's when you'll already be supplying your body with energy. Why waste it.

Here's how Keto Fast-Track supplement can work in your meal plan:

  • In the morning (to replace breakfast) to help keep your ketones up
  • Mid-morning and or mid-afternoon to avoid the between-meal slump
  • Lunchtime to replace lunch
  • Sip continuously while fasting

The role of Ketone supplement is to quickly navigate and teach your body’s energy system to use ketones and burn fat as a priority.  Introducing your system to Ketones ‘wakes up’ ketone pathways and fast tracks the process while you change and learn about eating Keto.

Use this incredible supplement to start your Keto journey, increase your mental focus and concentration, get you back on track when needed, and smooth over any Keto Flu symptoms.

As your adaption improves you will need to eat less during activity.  You will not need to eat as frequently either, as you will be using body fat to support your efforts along with the nutrition, something carb athletes cant do, as they will hit the wall.

The 8 Fast track tips to kick start Keto

  1. Reduce Carb Intake to 50 -100g per day range
  2. Include Coconut, MCT and Olive oil to boost ketone levels
  3. Increase physical activity, done in a fasted state when possible
  4. Increase healthy fat Intake to be the majority of daily calories each day
  5. Try a short fast or a fat fast once or twice per week
  6. maintain adequate protein Intake. 15 -20% of calories per day
  7. Test Ketone levels, and adjust your diet as needed using a meal tracker

Include exogenous ketones to fast track your adaption.

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