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Keto nutrition Everyday range is built on bringing Everyday favorites back to life but in a Keto way :) Every product is a solution to your Keto journey and will assist you in making a better choice.

We understand that for most people changing or removing all your favorites and staples at the same time can be difficult, we believe it is the number one reason most people give up on Keto before they even start to feel the benefit. If we can allow people to continue to enjoy familiar favorites like Bounty bars, Toffee, bread and more without the negative impact of spiking insulin levels and sugar highs and lows, then you will be more inclined to follow through and get the results you want!


Everyday bars are formulated to not only meet all you macronutrient needs with very low carbs and no added sugar but taste amazing.  Each bar will transport you back to your favorite flavor but this time without the sugar!


Exogenous ketones are an excellent option to bridge the transition from high carb to low carb and allow you to minimise or completely avoid Keto flu. Used in combination with a carb reduced meal plan, less than 100g net carbs per day Fast-Track can be used as a supplement from mid to late morning with a small LC lunch (or skip lunch) or in the afternoon to avoid the glucose afternoon crash.


Fast track Powder in a capsule form. Convenient to take to work or travel with and easy to use. 


Sometimes we just want a slice of bread!  It’s one of the things that many people miss when going low-carb. KETO Bread Mix is a great option for the Ketogenic person who is craving freshly baked bread.  KETO Bread Mix fits in perfectly to a low-carb lifestyle. Good healthy fats, lots of protein and only 4g carbs per slice.  


Our meal replacement shake is low in sugar, low in carbohydrates and rich in protein. It also contains and is Gluten and Polyol free.

Delicious cold or hot, each serving contains just 3g of Net Carbs and is packed with essential vitamins and 16 grams of high-quality protein and healthy fats.

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