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BOOST Pre & Intra-Training Mix

With BHB Ketones

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Choose your goal! Fitter, faster or stronger?

BOOST has key performance-boosting ingredients to take your training and racing to the next level. Increase performance, reduce recovery time and fast track your results!

BOOST is specifically formulated for enhanced endurance and performance in mind and is 100% sugar-free. No stimulant overload or crash! Expect even longer-lasting energy to keep you focussed and performing for longer at a new level of intensity.  With 4g of BHB ketones and no sugar, BOOST provides additional ketones to keep you in the zone!

Pre-Workout Energy

ReVitalise Boost, taken 30 minutes prior to exercise, provides a boost of energy and focus to maximise your workout.

Post-Workout Benefits

Another benefit of using a pre-workout that is often overlooked is muscular and cellular recovery.  The increased blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels allow for fast clearing of toxins and supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue, enhancing your post-workout nutrition and recovery.

Introducing ReVitalise Boost to your training protocol will enhance performance, reduce recovery time and speed up results!

For Athletes

Whether you train in the gym, on the roads or out in the open, compete as an amateur or professional athlete, utilising ReVitalise Boost can help you break through a plateau, or reach a new level of performance.

Mental Clarity At Work

Do you have a labour-intensive job, work split shifts, long hours or study past midnight every day?  You may just want that mental kick-start you’re missing. By utilising key ingredients of ReVitalise Boost to enhance mood, increase mental clarity and focus as well as the benefits of BHB Ketones you can take your mental performance to a new level too.

ReVitalise Boost can provide you with mental energy through the use of natural amino acids to improve brain function, increase and extend physical energy with blood flow boosting stimulants, and can delay fatigue by increasing our stores of amino acids that remove toxic waste that accumulates during exercise.

Usage Instructions

Take 30 minutes prior to exercise, to provide a boost of energy and focus to maximise your workout.

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